Falklands Saga

The Falklands Saga is a groundbreaking study, the result of over 20 years of research in archives and libraries in Buenos Aires, La Plata, Montevideo, London, Cambridge, Stanley, Paris, Munich and Washington DC. It is intended as a fundamental resource for all researchers into the history and legal status of the Falkland Islands.

Each volume will appear in a hardcover Library Edition, a Standard Edition (print-on-demand) and e-book.

The history of the Falklands is recounted in four volumes in unprecedented detail, with maps, illustrations, tables of population and shipping, and a compendium of hundreds of historical and legal documents, in English and also (where different) in their original languages, Spanish, French, German, Latin or Dutch. Many are printed in full in the running text or in the appendices to each volume, some of them for the first time ever, many for the first time in English. There is a full apparatus criticus: each volume contains over 2,000 footnotes, a glossary, an appendix and an extensive bibliography.

The original documents provide the facts to correct the fallacies and distortions in earlier accounts, which are examined by a process of “analysing two pasts” – the historical events and legal facts are presented from original documents, and the incorrect accounts in earlier works are dissected and their errors revealed.

The islands’ history is placed in its world context, with blow-by-blow accounts of the First Falklands Crisis of 1764-71, the Second Falklands Crisis of 1831-3, the Years of Confusion (1811-1850), and the Third Falklands Crisis of 1982 (the Falklands War).

The legal status of the islands is described by reference to international treaties, to legal works, and to United Nations resolutions. Those texts demonstrate conclusively that the islands are British territory in international law and that the Falkland Islanders, who have now lived in their country for over 180 years and for nine generations, are holders of territorial sovereignty with the full right of external self-determination.

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In preparation:

Volume 1: From the beginning-1831 (to be announced): Standard edition and e-book

Volume 2: 1831-1855 (to be announced): Standard edition and e-book

Volume 3: 1852-1982 (in course of preparation): Final end of Argentina’s claim to the Falklands; West Falkland populated; the First World War; the Second World War; Start of the Third Falklands Crisis

Volume 4: 1982 to the present (forthcoming):  The Third Falklands Crisis: the Falklands War, 1982: Invasion; Occupation; Liberation; The Present and the Future; International Law: Legal Status of the Falklands

Volume 5: Index to Volumes 1-4 (forthcoming)