Falklands Facts and Fallacies

By Graham Pascoe

This is a pioneer work and an essential contribution to an understanding of the history and legal status of the Falkland Islands. It corrects the myths and distortions in accounts by earlier authors, with abundant evidence from archival documents (some never printed before) in Buenos Aires, London, Stanley, Paris, Cambridge, Washington DC and Montevideo.

It disproves the myth that Britain expelled an Argentine population from the Falklands in 1833; it prints in full the 1850 Convention of Peace between Argentina and Britain, and for the first time ever, it prints crucial exchanges between the British and Argentine negotiators that demonstrate that by this treaty Argentina dropped its claim to the Falklands and accepted that the islands are British.

The Falkland Islanders have now (2020) lived in their country for over 180 years and for nine generations; they are a unique people. This book prints UN Resolutions and rulings by the International Court of Justice that make it clear that Falkland Islanders are holders of territorial sovereignty and have the full right of external self-determination in international law.

The evidence presented here completely refutes the argumentation presented by Professor Marcelo Kohen and Dr Facundo Rodríguez in their work Las Malvinas entre el Derecho y la Historia, Buenos Aires 2015.

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